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Ridgefield Consulting Inc  -  Meriden, Connecticut USA   Telephone: +1 (203) 900-4132  Email: Contact Us

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Ridgefield Consulting Inc is a US based company that provides software application development services and creates and supports a number of application used by businesses in numerous countries.

QBSQL (Version 1) was released in 2015 and has been providing QuickBooks data export capabilities to companies and accounting firms ever since.

QBSQL (Version 2) was released in 2018 providing greater performance and accuracy as well as many of the new features our customers have requested.

We also provide custom modules for companies that need specialized capabilities in addition to those provided by QBSQL.  So, if you need a specialized module or application to work with your QuickBooks company file, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ridgefield Consulting also builds custom software used in back-office operations and production systems for numerous companies.


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QBSQL is a powerful application that utilizes the QODBC Driver for QuickBooks to extract your QuickBooks company file data and synchronize the QuickBooks data from your company file into one or more Microsoft SQL Server Databases.


SLS (Software Licensing Systems) is a sophisticated yet easy to implement licensing application for your commercial .NET Applications.


Ridgefield Consulting Inc has a strong reputation with our customer for providing powerful applications used in back-office and production system operations.

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